Choosing your wedding photographer

So you are choosing your wedding photographer – a difficult task isn’t it? Searching on google and a zillion ‘wedding photographers’ are listed. Off to Facebook where anyone can start a business page and claim to be a business. So who do you trust?

So where do you start? Maybe referrals from friends or other wedding business’s. Maybe you have seen a photo on the web that you LOVE. Check out who the photographer is and check out their work.

Get the list down to a manageable handful, then you can choose the photographer that will work for you.

A guide to choosing your wedding photographer

I have had the pleasure of photographing many weddings of different styles, I know the type of wedding that makes me tick and it shows in the finished product. Here are my tips for you to find your perfect wedding photographer.

Match your style

Hiring a professional photographer does not mean they can replicate your favourite images on Pinterest. They will have their own style. One reason to booking your wedding photographer is the way they shoot. Your photographer will want to capture your wedding in their own style. If your photographer says they are happy to re-create someone else’s style be wary. It’s a difficult task to replicate someone else’s work, and you want them to concentrate on capturing your special moments. Not re-creating some else’s.

Always ask to see a complete wedding – not just a few shots. You want it to look natural, can you see yourself in the photograph?

A big and overlooked factor is chemistry…


So you love the work, the style is just what you want. But do you like the person on the other side of the camera? This person is going to be spending the day at your wedding, it’s an important factor that many overlook. Personality.

A good connection speaks volumes and will show in your final images. Many photographers offer a pre-wedding shoot. My advice, do it. This gives you time to get to know your photographer better and how they work. It will also help the photographer to get to know you as couple better too.

Being on the same page on your wedding day makes everything flow so much easier.

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How and when do I get my images

Most photographer now shoot digital. And so has delivering the photos. Some clients like to see the images online, some via a USB.

Most photographer will offer one way or another. A password protected gallery on-line seems to be the most popular way (for me anyhow). Ask your photographer how long it will take to see your images. It can take anything from two weeks to months depending on the work load of your photographer.

How much does wedding photography cost

If you have a look around you can see that you can hire a wedding photographer from free (a friend with a camera) to 1000’s.

You do get what you pay for, but I would always advise look at the work first not the price. Most photographer will have a couple of wedding packages to choose from. Everyone has a budget, and it can depend on how important ‘that chosen photographer’ is to you.

bride and groom kiss

Are they a professional?

Making sure your photographer is a business and not ‘a guy with a camera making extra dosh at the weekend’.

Check on-line reviews, have they been featured on any other blogs. Don’t be put off by one bad review but do we wary if they keep popping up.

If you do find an ‘amazing’ photographer and they are cheap as chips just make sure you check them out properly. There are some great ones out there but unfortunately there are a lot of bad ones too.

You should hear back quickly when contacting via email. But if you do not hear back within 24-48 hours give them a call. Occasionally emails go to spam, so consider calling if you don’t hear back within 48 hours. Trust your intuition, if they still don’t return your call or respond to your emails move on to the next one.

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