Alternative wedding at La Rosa, Whitby, Scarborough | Richard and Cath

The alternative wedding of Rich and Cath. Married at la Rosa, Whitby, Scarborough. I have been friends with Cath for some years and became friends with Richard when they became an item.

We keep in touch after we moved to Whitby, Scarborough and it was such a pleasure to be asked to photograph their wedding. I had the added bonus that they wanted to marry in Whitby and my Wife Ellie to be the wedding celebrant.

As I expected this was colourful, vibrant alternative wedding. With Cath wearing a peacock coloured inspired handmade dress.

Family and friends gathered to witness the marriage that involved a hand fasting with Whitby Abbey in the distance. We had planned to make the walk up the 199 steps for some wedding portraits after the service, but the North Yorkshire coast weather took hold and the fog thickened. Leaving us with no visibility and no pictures at the Abbey.

Not needing an excuse to put on the wedding attire again we meet up two days later. Giving us the chance to get the wedding photographs they both wanted.

Alternative wedding


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