Robin Hoods Bay & Goathlands on New Years Day

After new year celebrations, it’s either a fry up a brisk walk to clear your head. With a short break from wedding photography it was time to capture my local area. With so many picturesque places to visit around Whitby the walk seemed to be the best option.

North Yorkshire has some wonderful places to visit, one being Goathlands, Scarborough. Some know it from the BBC TV series Heartbeat, the younger of us (and to be fair some older) will know it for being used in the Harry Potter films.

Just a short drive back through Whitby takes you to the coastal Robins Hoods Bay, don’t expect deckchairs and dodgems, this North Yorkshire coastline has brooding cliffs and red roofed fishing. The place to visit if you want breath-taking scenery or a pint by the fireside in a cosy inn.

vintage train carrages in Gothlands, North Yorkshire North eastern railway carrage situated at Gothlands train station Steam train arriving at Gothlans train station train carrages arriving at Noth Yorkshire's Gothlands train station Berties shop situated in robin hoods bay black death signage outside local pub in Robin Hoods Bay Iconic bike outsdie berties shop in Robin Hoods Bay robin hoods bay photographer

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