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couple on engagement shoot in iornbridge

So you have booked your engagement photo shoot / wedding pre-shoot now what? You will probably have a few questions about your shoot. So here are a few pointers for you.

Where will the engagement photo shoot be?

A place does not always come easily to mind to a couple, so think of somewhere important to you both. Where you first met, where the proposal took place, or somewhere that you both love, a park, a club, or even your own home.

If still nothing come to mind have a think of local parks, gardens or you may even live in an interesting town or city that may be a great back drop to your pictures. Even your wedding venue may be the place. If you are still struggling to think of a suitable place, talk to me. I will have lots of suggestions.

It’s always nice to shoot the pictures in two local locations, maybe a few urban city images followed bit a bit of greenery.

What to wear

Always wear something comfortable, it’s not a fashion shoot; it’s mainly natural pictures of a couple in love. You will be sitting, standing, walking in the outdoors, so always dress for the weather.

Choose outfits which reflect your personality. If you’re a jeans and t-shirt type, then that’s what you should be wearing. It’s about being you, comfortable and relaxed.

Engagement photohoot Session advice

What about posing?

This is the one thing I hear from every couple, and the very reason I insist on a pre-wedding shoot. It’s about having fun and creating great images for you. I want you to be relaxed and natural, not posed. I will ask you to hold each other, or even kiss, but hey, you are a couple in love after all.

I want to make you laugh, smile and have fun. When it’s over, you’ll wonder what the pre-shoot nerves were about.


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